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endless list of flawless people - taylor york

We literally have the best fans ever, and we really do care about them, and I feel like they in turn really care about us.’”

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I understand that you didnt leak it, and uploading it is fine too, as long as just wait til the day the album is going to be released? like thats only a few more days bruh. I get why you did it, but I also get why ur getting hate for it dude

yeah same sort of like i obviously get why people are mad i just dont think its anything to be mad about in the context of fanatic teenagers of the 21st century like im just shocked people care this much about the ethics of this tbh

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i really wanna make some hesitant alien/killjoy parallels

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i know

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You're actually really cool for uploading the tracks cause I'm really impatient and I was getting to the point where i was like "I can't wait anymore" so thanks dude

exactly this is honestly the only reason i uploaded them in the first place i mean hearing gerard’s new sound is practically the biggest thing to happen to the mcr fandom since the breakup okay i mean stomachaches doesnt really count cause frank did shit like that all the time plus let’s be honest here gerard was mcr’s heart & soul so im pretty sure there were a lot of really fucking impatient people out there

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Hey I know that linking those songs was a bit harsh but it's alright ur still a human being so to those people acting like you're not still a human being: go away. Don't let them harass you. Stay rad ✌️

damn straight

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YO HOLD UP WHY ARE YOU REPORTING HER? she didn't leak the songs for fucks sake!! read what's she's telling you guys omfg!! It's not her fault it got leaked!!! She's just uploading it! It's like any other album leak find your chill people


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I should be over all the butterflies, but I’m into you.

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dude why are people reporting you Im so confused send help???

because everyone things i leaked hesitant alien when all i did was just upload the songs that i found

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