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You will remember me for centuries. 

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If you don't wanna do the unhalloweeny shit just say you already have plans or something. I don't know how old you are or if you live at home or not, but if you do just say you already promised your parent you would hand out candy/ hang out with your little brother/ go to a party with them or, depending on what kind of people they are, you can sprinkle in some hardcore complaining about that parent, or say you're grounded or something

hahah yeah ill do something like that if i decide to not go which is probably whats gonna happen

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if they have a sleepover just be like "sorry i can't go my relative is coming back and we have to go to the airport at like 5 am in the morning" or you could say you wanted to spend a night with your boyfriend or something (i'm so good at coming up with stuff it scares me?)

if u say so

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My advice would be to not waste your time with people you don't like. I feel the same way about wanting to do something fun with people but if you don't genuinely like these people and they are close, you will feel left out. I'd say wait for people who are into the same thing you are, it will make it more memorable in a good way. Good luck! And happy Halloween

yeah i get it i mean i constantly feel left out around these people and when i do join in and stuff i just feel silly or stupid and i know that with time i will find my people but i just dont wanna isolate myself short-term because ive moved around a lot and i know from experience that it ends up affecting me long-term

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ohh well you could and if you don't like it just pretend your parents called up? and go back to your house? then you get both sides?

thats actually a good idea i just hope they dont have sleepover in mind

Just do whatever you think you will enjoy the most. There’s no point in doing something that you might not enjoy when there was an alternative that would make you happier.

yeah ur right and at the moment i know for sure i will be a lot happier sitting at home eating candy and watching halloween movies with my brother but even if i do that i’ll have a guilty conscience for not going out with my friends like honesty i’d probably go with them if it weren’t halloween night im just not sure what the problem is anymore

what if you tell your friends that your parents are forcing you to hang out with the family and stuff or else they'll ground you for a month because you've been so antisocial with the family lately?

its not that i need a way to avoid them thats not a problem its just that i dont know if i should in the first place